See Your Website Through the Eyes of Google Whether you are a single website owner or a large agency - RankLogic's suite of tools provides you the ability to grow like never before.

Live Keyword Rankings

Say goodbye to stale cached search results and get up to date keyword rankings from over 150 search engines across the planet with the most advanced keyword tracking suite available anywhere.

Internal Link Optimation

Quickly visualize and optimize your site’s internal linking structure to maximize search engine juice being shared among your posts and pages with our proprietary Internal Link Optimization tool.

Advanced Technical Audits

Scan your site for broken code, links, anchors, and even server issues which are affecting your website’s performance both for users and how the search engines interpret your overall functionality.

Unnatural Link Detection

RankLogic provides you the ability to check your entire backline profile and instantly flag links that are hurting your search engine rankings.  Easily detect and disavow bad links fast.

Backlink Spy Tools

Audit your competition’s backlink profile while tracking any changes.  Compare their backlinks to your own with an easy to understand interface and PDF reporting feature.

Social Analytics Tracking

Track your brand and website across multiple social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter while monitoring 24/7 as well as key social trends in your industry.

What Makes RankLogic Different from the Rest? RankLogic is the most comprehensive toolbox on the internet
for website growth and optimization.

Easy to Use

RankLogic takes the complicated tech talk out of SEO and site promotion and provides you with a clear action plan to success.

Advanced Reporting

Blow the socks of your competition and impress your clients with advanced reporting that is fully brandable with your logo and colors.

Location Tracking

RankLogic has the unqiue ability to provide you with the ability to see data from a specific city or location rather than a generalized overview.

Real Time Data

Unlike most keyword tools, we provide live tracking of search results which makes decision making & client acquisition that much easier.

Track and Conquer

RankLogic’s Competition Spy Tool Box allows you to track everything about your competitors and duplicate their success points fast.

True Global Coverage

Track your site on over 370 global and local search engines in real time.  Optimize your local listings and discover new opportunities.

The Perfect Modern Agency Solution The tools and reporting to land and keep new business and blow away competition

RankLogic provides you the ability to impress your clients with mind-blowing advanced data and analytics that will make you stand out from your competitors.

White Label Reports An Incredible Sales Tools

Instantly provide your agency with the ability to compete with any competition backed by the tools and white label reporting that will impress your clients with the depth of the data you provide them.   Provide your clients full audits, regularly emailed updates and keep them happy long-term with our white label services.

A True Sales Advantage Your Hidden Secret Weapon

The RankLogic white label program allows you to provide your sales team the advanced, professional reporting that once was only the domain of the biggest SEO agencies.   Sales calls become trusted consulting sessions and you’ll have at the click of a button an incredible and indepth assortment of weapons at your disposal.

The RankLogic Toolbox 15 high tech tools to grow your business with

Live Search Results

Track keywords in real time and get true results on your website’s performance in search engines.

Web Analytics Tool

Turbocharge your analytics and integrate into your reporting for your all your sites.

SEO Analysis Tool

Perform in-depth audits and create detailed action reports on any site’s SEO standing.

Content Submission Tool

Keep your new content front and center with the RankLogic Content Submission tool.

Backlink Quality Tool

Examine your backlinks for their value to your site and eliminate bad links that are holding you back.

Social Analytics Tool

Track each brand’s presence on all major social media platforms using the Socia Media Tool.

Internal Link Tool

Audit, track and optimize your internal linking structure for maximum SEO juice.

Keyword Research Tool

Find new profitable keywords and maximize traffic with hidden keyword gems.

Technical Audit Tool

Find broken code, bad links and hidden errors on your site with the Technical Audit Tool.

Competitor Monitoring Tool

Keep a microscopic eye on your competition’s search ranks, social metrics and backlinks.

Unnatural Link Detection

Keep an eye out for spam links to your site and quickly disavow them with Google.

Competition Metrics Tool

Run a full audit on your competition and then compare side by side to your site.

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