Built for Website Owners – It’s the Ultimate ToolBox for Website Search Engine Optimization

RankLogic provides you with the ability to take control of your own website and future with the tools, data, and knowledge to drive your site to the top of search engines.   It is the most comprehensive SEO platform in the world and allows website owners to perform their own search engine optimization on their websites using the same tools – and in many cases more advanced tools – than professional SEO agencies use.

There is no better investment you can make in the growth of your business than search engine optimization and ranking at the top of search engines.  The traffic generated from organic sources will drive your business to grow 10 fold the moment you reach the top listings of page one.

Comprised of 15 powerful components, RankLogic makes is simple to see your website through the eyes of Google and the other major search engines.  Whether you are a seasoned SEO pro or new to search engine optimization, you’ll be able to grow, rank and dominate your primary search terms using our site.  The result is rapid growth, huge increases in cash flow and ultimately, profitability.

Why You Need RankLogic to Succeed with SEO

One of the greatest myths about SEO is that there is a one size fits all method to ranking a website at the top of major search engines like Google.   There is the belief that you simply need to create content, built backlinks and follow a magic formula towards getting to page one.

Nothing can be further from the truth. 

Every search term, every industry, and every location has different ranking factors and a different formula.  For example, the term ” Roofing Company ” can and will have completely different first page requirements in one city compared to another.    When you work on your site’s SEO it is as important to understand your own site as it is to understand the sites you are competing against.

The formula for success for your website is going to be to first understand the search results and sites that currently occupy the tops spots for the keywords or search terms you want to appear for.  The logic behind this is simple – the sites that rank obviously are meeting Google’s ranking criteria for those terms, in that market.    It doesn’t matter what sites in a different city or industry are doing, you only need to be focused on what your competition has done to get to the top of the search results.

Why Being at the Top Matters So Much…

The most valuable virtual real estate in the world is the top of Google for primary keywords in your industry.  Once you achieve a top ranking the associated business that comes from that traffic carries no cost and while your competitors are paying large amounts of their money for PPC traffic, your site at the top of Google will be receiving the same traffic at no cost.

For industries where the cost of pay per click is $10, $20 or even over $30, each visitor to your site that comes from free organic traffic represents an asset that your competition doesn’t have access to.

Consider the impact this has on your business…

  1. Your cost of acquisition per new customer is far lower than your competition which allows you to charge less than they can for the same product or service.
  2. The money you save on marketing from organic traffic allows you to reinvest that cash flow into growing your company which creates even further separation between you and your competitors.
  3. You can compete far more aggressively in pay per click advertising because of the subsidy the free traffic you are getting from your top rankings is providing you.

For just  65 cents per day, you can start on the path to dominating the search listings for your keywords with everything you need in one single membership – including the advice and expertise to maximize your efforts.